Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nobody Does It Better

These mixtapes in my shoe boxes never cease to amaze me. Even though this mix is not Doggtime's best it still holds a special place in the collection. The quality intro is why I bought the tape originally, but as do most mixtapes, the rest seems to grow on you. I get inspired by these mixtapes cause doing blends that make sense takes poise. This era of hip hop was crazy cause I was coppin' mixtapes over albums! From 1996 to at least 2000 mixtapes blew up the artists featured on the tapes. The DJ's who got famous during this time simply mastered the blends. And the tape covers... Yo they definitely had a vision!

download/listen to this mix


Tapemasta said...

Omega, you hit on the head with the comment about mixtapes over albums. Now artists makes mixtapes before they do their albums. Doggtime was my dude back in the days..Once again, props to you for this drop !!

omega said...

no doubt Tapemasta props to you too.

I am in the shoebox today looking for some more gems to post

DJ Mista Reese said...

nice drop .. but the link is broken.. zshare won't let me download it just keeps resetting.