Saturday, June 20, 2009

RonG 12 & World Wide 2

Growing up in Harlem has indeed shaped my taste in music and preference for mixtape styles. Lots of heads reminisce about the Kid Capri tapes sold back in the days but forget about the "youngest in charge.... Roooooooooooon G!" Ron was one of the essential dudes holdin' it down for uptown. He was versatile on the mix, playing r & b, hip hop, west coast, east coast, southern rap, everything - so long as it was hot. I always liked Ron G because he would play records all the way thru. In todays world 90 min mixes are unheard of. CD's killed mixtapes and the entire format. But going back in time to re-write history isn't an option so I am here to save the music and bless the world with these two joints from the man who made the polo grounds famous for more than just basketball, mixtapes!

ron g 12 zshare download link

ron g worldwide2 zshare download link

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The Non-Conformist said...

Ron G is nice.... there's not many who can rock it on 3 decks.......