Saturday, June 27, 2009

soul for those who still want it

Before Slum Village dropped their signature sound on the LP Fantastic Vol2 (2000) their was a young hip hop artist by the name of Dred Scott reshaping the sound of hip hop music then unknown and not yet popularized as of 1994. A few of us may remember a song he did called "Check the Vibe"

This track featured Adriana Evans, a soulful young singer from San Fran who relocated to LA to pursue a career in music. In 1997 she partnered with Dred Scott and the result was her self titled debut album. The album's production is thanks to Dred Scott. If anybody out there missed this album here is a chance to rediscover a classic!

P.S. go back and check Breakin' Combs for that hip-hop vibe we all need in our life. I promise no regrets!

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love is all around (ppp rmx)
reality (sv mix)
swimming (sv mix)
seein' is believing (sv mix)
hey brother (atcq blend)
in the sun (dela fusion mix)
say you won't (boogie down flatbush mashed)
trippin' (b-boy mashed)
love me (j-ro blend)
looking for your love
i'll be there (love is all around blend)


pipomixes said...

Very smooth mix. Props

The Dynamic Hamza 21 said...

Adriana Evans's album is one my favorites! I remember when it first came out. I still can't believe why she never blew up. Even today,12 years later, the album holds up.

omega said...

thanks pipo!

I feel you Hamza. I don't know why certain groups and individuals don't get their credit due. But at least we are some of the few to save the music and share it with the world

a yo pipo can I borrow a beat?


I loved the breakin combs album. This was during "the greatest" time in hip hop. Well at least for me it was. So many good things at this time YALL SO STUPID, BOOGIEMONSTERS, DREAM WARRIORZ, MADKAP and the list goes on and on.

omega said...

each generation and each artist paves the way for the next to shine.

I just want to shed light on the cats that made good music with the same vibe as all the others we give credit to. Dred Scott was slept on for real!

guilsoul said...

Oh man your mix is ridiculous!
I love this artist.
Good job, that's what we need.