Sunday, May 10, 2009

De La Soul was Dead

What better than a De La Soul mix to start the week off. DJ Manifest put this mix together which features some of De La's best tracks. The beauty of the mixtape game is experiencing each DJ's style and their unique way of blending our favorite tracks. I got put on to this mix by my young homie J.Ross. Run time is about 75 minutes and the mix has definite replay value.

download/listen to this mix


Olskool4real said...

Yo all I got to say is Thaannnnkkkk YOOuuuuu!! This is a nice mix of De La cuts!! You know there list is endless of nice cuts, this is one of my favorite groups mainly for staying true to who they are no matter how much the game has changed!!I always feel their dedication to hip hopp in their lyrics and music!!So Manifest this is a nice one man!!!Good lookin Omeganyc!!

omega said...

Peace to you Olskool. Glad you feelin the mix. Its not often you find a good De La mix. This one is official too