Friday, April 24, 2009

Originals & Remixes

peace to justice for requesting this mix

zshare download link

any mixtape requests are welcomed, I have plenty of vinyl and time to get creative... in fact I think I need the motivation more than anything else. save the music and request those mixes you want that don't exist... but remember I mix vinyl... you know what I mean right?


Justice Equality said...

ah! nah!! peace to you for making this happen!

pipomixes said...

How did you do the artwork?

omega said...


Justice Equality said...

yo you know I was going to ask you if I can do the artwork for it.... maybe next time! ;)

omega said...

I would like that... so what's the next mix concept?

Justice Equality said...

best of 93.
best of 94.
best of 91-94??

mhmm... I found a few mixes thru the rub/brooklyn radio but these are like 2- 3 hour long mixes, which I cant burn into a cd.. :(
lets see... I know I got many ideas in my head, I just gotta sit down and think while listening to my music...
I'll hit you back with some ideas :)

Justice Equality said...

What about a strictly female MC mixtape?? Is there enough? I think so..... :)

omega said...

I like the above idea... when can you do the art work?

Justice Equality said...

email me

Anonymous said...


yo, i have been looking for a compilation of everything that the neptunes produced..

that's insane to do EVERYTHING but maybe the hits, or/and odd joints like the sade & lenny kravitz remixes etc.

that would be a dope mixtape, no?

stay up.
alley al