Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Clockin':The Hustla's Mix

Clockin'... What is it? Is it an idea dedicated to the art of drug dealin' or more than just the selling of drugs?


hustlin', sellin anything to get money


Hustlin'. Selling weed, sneakers, woman, what ever as long as its a hustle


To check-out or watch something.
Man I be clockin' da hoes at duh club. Hoping to get up n'im tonight yo.

what ever your definition of clockin' is, so be it... this mix goes out the the heads I know on the grind trying to make it the only way they know how... check the mix and feel the vibe... save the music.

Peace to NYC and LA


Brothers Gonna work it out Intro
Terminator X - PE
Clock Work - Juelz Santana
I'm A Hustla - Cassidy
Same Team, No Games - NY G's
Footwork - Guilty Simpson
Fall Back - Peedi Crack
Half Baked - MF Grimm
A Beautiful Mind - Cormega
Get Down or Lay Down - Planet Asia
Sport - Ultimate Breaks & Beats
Night of the Living Baseheads - PE
Kid Charlemagne - Steely Dan
Soul Clap - Styles P
Crack Music - Kanye West
Heaven - Moody Man

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Anonymous said...

this mix shoulda had grindin'.
nice tracklist tho..


omega said...

grindin' almost made it on but I put cassidy on the mix... both songs have that hard knock... I was torn

Anonymous said...

Mr. Omega...

Can you re-up this badboy?

Seattle BBoys...