Saturday, April 4, 2009

Herbie Jr.

Legendary mastering and lacquer-cutting engineer who worked for years at Frankford Wayne Mastering Labs’ NYC facility and was responsible for cutting a respectable share of classic Prelude and West End titles, as well as tons of other disco, house, funk, and hip-hop classics over the years.

Herb still cuts vinyl, but most of his business is now in the digital domain, and he now runs his own mastering facility called Powers’ House of Sound in New York City. He almost always includes shout-outs and dedications in the lead-out area of his vinyl work, noted with a signature and a smiley face. He also scratches messages into that area at a label’s request.

I wanted to shine light on this man because he is a true master in the music industry. I first heard about Powers' House from the last verse of Just Hangin' Out by Main Source. Herb is responsible for making some of the dopest hip hop tracks sound dope on wax. As a record collector and digger I buy vinyl because it definitely has a warmer and rich sound, so thank you to all the engineers and record cutters who have mastered their craft. With that said......

Check out this tribute to Herb Powers its worth the read.


The Dynamic Hamza 21 said...

So that's what he looks like. I seen that name on so many records back in day. It cool to put a face to name now.

omega said...

I had to represent for him. Like you said his name is on so many records and few know of him.