Sunday, March 22, 2009

Old School vrs Original School

Peace world. Today I pose a question to all the Lab viewers – what is old school? Yesterday I put up a post about the new Nat King Cole album Re-Generations. Today I went to the record store to pick it up on vinyl. While I was there in the jazz section an older gentleman informed me that the album I was about to purchase was a “rip-off” and an insult to the original works by NKC. It was apparent to me that this guy was a product of the original school. He had me thinking I was wrong for liking this new adaptation of music by NKC. But before yesterday I didn’t even care about Nat King Cole and his music.

My old school is a lot different from that of the older generation of music lovers, who I label the original school. That school of music has heavily contributed to the music we enjoy called hip-hop. Especially old school hip-hop which has always been mostly sample based.

So is it old school or original school? Which school wears the crown when it comes to style? As a member of this hip-hop culture I have to give it to the old school. Big Daddy Kane said it best on young, gifted, & black – “you’d be another memory to us”. Original school music will always be classic but hip-hop made a lot of those old tunes sound better! Hip-hop has been saving the music for the last 30 years. When Kanye samples an original school tune all of a sudden the original artist is popular again.

Hip-hop simply keeps music current. Re-Generations will introduce a new generation of listeners to Nat King Cole that would have otherwise not considered the legend. To all to original school die hards, give those new renditions a listen. Let’s save the music before we end up worst off!


pipomixes said...

The dude at the record store was kind of right. Just wait 20-30 years until you see some young kid buying an album "influenced" by Rakim. That being said, Hip Hop is the exception because true hip hoppers have always given respect and due to the music that they sample (as you described in your post). Sure, hip hop got to where it is today on the back of James Brown loops. But you won't find a hip hop producer that would ever say he's nicer than JB. Hip Hop samples, it doesn't jack. There is a difference. Unfortunately, dude at the record store doesn't understand that. But, you can't blame the guy because all other genres of popular music normally jack.
Hip Hop = Quentin Tarrantino. He takes other styles of movie making, samples them, and then makes it his own. Most other popular musical genres = all those corny remakes that come out every other week.

BTW, we going to that axelrod thing or what?

omega said...

True that. But when was the last time you listened to Nat King Cole or Frank Sinatra or Sammy Davis? Just pointing out the fact that some musicians were great for their time and others like James Brown are timeless!!! And on that note Axelrod is a go if you are in town. Let me know


Hip Hop is very unique, because it is EVERYTHING, when you think about it. Im a lover of music in general and its odd to me when someone say that they cant stand hip hop. I guess its kinda like the united states, because you have an ingredient of just about everything.

Anonymous said...

yeah for us hip hop fanatics it helps to (re-)introduce us to old school cats.
i'd heard of sergio mendes before,
but when did timeless i never dug for old sergio mendes shit.
afterwards, i went to the mom n pop spot and copped a few sergio classics.


omega said...

that is usually how it goes