Monday, February 2, 2009

Product from the 80's

Making this mix was fun. Enjoy listening to it... also, drink Pepsi not Coke and remember you were young once when this was the mucic on the radio and I am sure you tried to spin on your knee or do the snake or tried to dance like the man in the mirror and tried to get that members only jacket for christmas or maybe you stayed up late to watch friday nite videos or maybe you don't remember all this stuff at all. This one goes out to the 80's babies!

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alfonso intro
beat this - b-boy break
wrap it up - eurythmics
rapture - blondie
encore - cheryl lynn
the roof is on fire - rockmaster scott
owner of lonley heart - yes
word up - cameo
do you like scratchin' - malcolm mclaren
five minutes of funk - whodini
whip it - devo
let's pretend we're married - prince
once in a lifetime - talking heads
wanna be startin' something - the king of pop
you make my dreams - hall & oats
carlton outro

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