Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dig This

"I'm tryin' to get money like Filepe Lopez" - JuJu from the Beatnuts.

Peace to Digumsmak for this dope mix. This one takes me way back to when I only had enough money to buy one record and most of my cassette tapes were bootleg. If you missed out on this era of hip-hop take that trip down memory lane; when Funk Flex still released records on the Nervous label (I know the record says Wreck records but trust, it was the Nervous label) and before he started dropping bombs, just dope quotes and blended hip-hop breaks. I remember buying the Flavor Unit 12" Roll Wit the Flavor and being frustrated because the acapella was hard to blend. How bout those Young Black Teenagers (as soon as I find the tape I will post "tap the bottle" by another group that used the same hook - someone out there knows the song I'm talking about). This mix is only missing one track, Toss it Up by Zhigge. On that note - we out like shout. Get the bozak! Peace out again to Digumsmak for this fresh mix - stay tuned.

click either one of the images to listen to the mix by Digumsmak



Omega thanks for postin this up!!! Hey by the way you read my mind....I was gonna put "RAKIN IN THE DOUGH" up on this one, but I ended up droppin it. I ended up puttin that LEGION joint!!! Hey I been lookin for that Broadway joint featuring KRS One...."MUST STAY PAID"...If ya got it lemme know, I been dying to get that for years and year.

omega said...

Broadway is that dude from Strickly Roots - "begs no friends" fame... that record is hard to find