Monday, May 4, 2009

Doom vrs. Ironman : When Armor Collides

Where do I begin...? This mix is not new at all. Its one that I have had on the shelf for years now. But the mix is one that I made because of my love of the marvel universe and the mc's in hip-hop that personified these characters. Ironman is the one and only Tony Stark, better known as Ghostface Killer in the hip hop community. Doom is simultaneously known as Kool Keith and Mr. Dumile formerly of KMD, but also known as Viktor Vaughn.

As for the mix it was created at a time when no mistakes were allowed! What do I mean by that? No four tracking, no editing, no second takes. Good mixing and planing went into this masterpiece. I can't front on tape mixing because it made me the dj I am today. I used to rock this mix everyday after i made it. It took weeks to perfect, mastered with two turntables and a sampler for the sound bites.

So enjoy and peep this mix by none other than OmegaNyc

P.S. - this mix is like a choose your own adventure book - you decide the winner! And since this marvel adventure actually took place you can go get the comics and see for yourself.

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pipomixes said...

Got to this link and tell me if you see what I see

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to have a tracklist for this mix, Please.

omega said...

I know most of the tracks by heart but when I did the mix I wasn't big on track list... I can send you a list if you like but it'll be of the top. Most of the MF Doom tracks are from DoomsDay and King Geedorah and the Kool Keith tracks are from Dr Doom or Ultra Mag tracks. As for Ghostface... Supreme Clientele and his first solo joint.

Anonymous said...

I just wandered what some of the doom tracks where called. I have not got "king geedorah". Doom has so many different aliases it is hard to keep up!

omega said...

go get geedorah if you can, its a short album but one of the best mf doom has done - you won't be disappointed

Anonymous said...

Cool, I will see if I can get myself a copy.

Anonymous said...

nice site.
first timer here from pipomixes.

i'm lost.
kool keith was aka viktor vaughn?
i think you're wrong on that.

dr. octagon was aka keith and was in ultramag mcs.

i think you got it twisted cuz they both had multi akas and were in several groups,
but the main reason is because on had DOOM and the other had DOOOM.

stay up.
alley al.

omega said...

Doom is simultaneously known as Kool Keith and Mr. Dumile formerly of KMD, but also known as Viktor Vaughn.

Iam referring to the characters on the mix tape Ironman vrs Doom

So its Ghostface vrs Kool Keith & Zev Love X

but I see how it can be mixed up.