Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hello Again - OmegaNyc

Peace world... Shout out to the # 1 record store, only in my book, only in LA..... Record Surplus! I haven't posted in a minute and this store is the reason why. I have been on the search for some new music to listen to and I have discovered it. Red Clay... First Light... these cuts off this album (pictured above) take me back to the time and place when discovery in hip hop was treasured and further more, respected. What was diggin' before DITC created the phrase? Just heads lookin' for that sound to fill their ears. With music so readily available and at the click of a button I find the past time of record collecting and diggin' refreshing!

So refreshing, to the point that I have discovered breaks for the new music I enjoy. Creation is limitless! We as listeners and music collectors have an obligation to save the music. And this is where it begins.

This is the prelude! Let's keep open minds and save the music!
Waxpoetics.... is down with us
PipoMixes..... is down with us
Saving fresh music is a must!!!........

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I hear ya Omega!!!