Saturday, March 14, 2009

What has it all meant?

Am I a Disc Jockey? Am I a DJ? What does it all mean and what has it all meant. I collect records and search for new music to listen to because I have never liked the radio. STRAIGHT UP AND DOWN! Its that simple. If radio was as goods as mixtapes I would never have bought a mixtape or decided to be a deejay. Since "Live At Union Square" by Jazzy Jeff I have always known that DJ's make the record sound better. Believe it or not, the record you like doesn't become a hit until you hear it in the mix. The mix is a level of creation that any one can reach once. Pipomixes, J.Rocc, Dirty Harry, Revolution, MyManHenri, Melody, Neil Armstrong, Spinbad on to Steinski and Double Dee. All of these DJ's have taken music to the next level by throwing songs we like in the mix. To all the people who download mixes - we can agree when you find songs played in the order you like its a great feeling. When Steinski and Double Dee made the lessons I could have cared less! I was too busy listen to New York radio. What I heard has shaped the style of music I like and contributed to my overall opinion of hip-hop. But when you take that blast to the past Ski and Dee hit you hard. They shape the way I feel about the breaks. Its a journey thru the present and the past. I think all DJ's should take that journey thru the present via the past. Let's appreciate the music we had and make it last. A lot of blog viewers were recently feelin the SuperRix mix Ultimate, Ultimate, which revisited the breaks. That mix is the perfect example of how old tracks never get old. Hip-hop don't stop and won't stop. DJ's of the world unite! Keep breakin it up!


pipomixes said...

Well said.

Shall we call this the "DJ Manifesto?" Maybe that could be the title of your next mix

omega said...

maybe... I am working on some breaks that I want to mix. I have so many mixes in my mind I just need to put em together.

ness digi said...

liked and agreed with your message... thanks for sharing. nessdigi