Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome to 2009

What up to all the people of the world.
2009 should be a good year for The Lab.
Kicking off the month of January with 3 new

Meet the Browns is my mix dedicated
to all the Brown's in the music industry. Featured
artist include James, Bobby, Foxy, Chris, Sleepy,
& Kev Brown - from the godfather of soul to the
smokey underground production of MD's native son.
Check this mix for the cool out!

Electrogoodness is as fun as it sounds! I set of the mix
with electric eel by MGMT. That's about it on this one,
its just a fun mix. Peep the mix for yourself!

8008 came before electrogoodness but its on the same
vibe, its a cross between an 80's mix and my current
attempt to blend up tempo tracks by producers like
morgan geist. My people in Australia know whats up!

meet the browns



As always good music is the aim and good mixing the focus

Peace to Hazer Soze for putting me up on Chromeo!!!

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Sew Shy said...

Looking forward to listening to these!

omega said...

enjoy the music, more to come