Thursday, January 29, 2009

Show me the money!

listen to this mix

What up world. This is it. The original mix tape to debut hypnotize by Biggie Smalls or at least according to DJ Clue. Peep the tracklist on this mix to find those rare gems that were never released, like the L.O.X. freestyle intro and Illuminati by Tragedy.

Clue didn't blend a single record on this mix tape but he does let you know about a hundred timesthat it's his tape you're rockin'. Do remember (you'll here clue say this on almost every tape he made) this mixtape is actually a tape so high sound quality is missing. Cassette format was all we had back then, but Clue changed that too when he switched to mix cd's. Thank goodness for technology... look at us now!

By the way the last song on this mixtape is fire! Don't sleep Clue did drop some underground classics too.


Shorty said...

I can't believe you posted this...I can't thank you enough...We played this tape till it literally exploded...

omega said...

glad you like.

stop by the lab any time. if i'm not posting my mixes, then i'm diggin in the shoebox for classics like this

tel e mundo


Oh ISH!!! I never had this one, but I remember seeing it on the shelf at "ONE WORLD STYLE" music in El Paso Texas. I was hesitant on gettin it at the time because I wasn't the biggest clue fan out there. But, now its time to take a listen and go back to that moment in time.